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Arabic Language

Arabic is the official language of Dubai, but English is extensively spoken and is the language used in the majority of international businesses. Hindi, Persian and Urdu are also spoken in the region; however, any attempts to learn Arabic are likely to be appreciated.

Arabic is one of the oldest languages in the world, related to the Semitic language family that includes the antique Aramaic and Hebrew. But it reaches its maximum glorious in Middle Ages, when the language was greatly employed in mathematics, philosophy and science, and the Muslim culture had a high influence in the languages of India and some European countries that still preserve many words of Arabic origin.

Today, Arabic is spoken by around 200 million people (the sixth of the world and part of the United Nations' official languages) in 24 countries across North Africa and the Middle East. The Modern Standard Arabic (different to the Classical language) is divided into 20 regional dialects, among them is the Gulf Arabic, defined as the dialect of Arabic native of the Persian Gulf's countries, including the UAE.

Despite that the modern Arabic varies significantly from country to country; the classical written has changed little over the centuries thanks to the holy Quran and the vast Islamic population. Arabic script is cursive by nature, written from right to left. Among the various styles of script, Ruq'ah (handwriting) and Naskh (for computers) are the most frequently used.

In Dubai and the rest of Muslim world, numerous languages centers offer Arabic classes for both corporations and private individuals. Courses are at all levels, from beginner to advanced, and usually include specialized classes for certain jobs like tourism, finance, medicine, etc. Several websites on the Internet provide online classes and there are also available some radio stations to learning. Following there is a compilation of useful Arabic phrases:

Useful Arabic Expressions
English Arabic
Hello (formal) As-salam alaykum
Hello Murhaba
Goodbye (p. staying) Maah salama
Good morning Sabaah al-khair
Good night Tisbaah al-khair
How are you? (M) Kayf haalak?
And you? Wa ynta?
Please Myn Fadlak
Yes Aaywa
What is your name? Shu Ysmak?
Hospital Mustashfaah
Airport Al-matar
English Arabic
Hello (response) Wa alaykum as-salaam
Hello (response) Murhaba
Goodbye (p. leaving) Alla ysalmak
Good afternoon Masaah al-khair
Greeting (response) Sabaah an-noor
How are you? (F) Kayf haalyk?
Thanks be to god Al-humdulyllah bykhayr
Thank you Shu kran
No Laah
My name is... Ysmy...
Police Shurtaah
Telephone Hatif

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