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Dubai Travel Guide

Dhow Tours in Dubai

Although Dubai is one of the most impressive and sophisticated Arab Emirates, most because of its magnificent constructions and buildings as well as modern shopping malls and other places for entertainment. There is a part of the country that still keeps alive its history and traditions. Examples of this are the ports that contain a variety of vessels, among which are the dhows.

A dhow is a ship from India which use was closely related to the preaching of Islam. This type of boat sought to break the traditional boat-building schemes of medieval times. In the medieval time the ships had a rectangular sail attached to the mast, the dhows replace the sail with a triangular that allows it to go faster.


According to many experts this is the immediate predecessor of the modern sailboat, which clearly found inspiration in these fast boats that also have been very useful for transporting goods, grain and even slaves. It is important to say that, unlike the European vessels, these boats have not evolved over time, the only thing they have been incorporated to further improve speed is an engine.


But traditions and customs of the place are not precisely the appeal that one wishes to find or which you want to enjoy. There are many other exciting activities, one of the most popular is golf. This sport, exciting and boring for many others, has found great acceptance in the emirate. Every time it raises more and better options for fields to practice and learn the mastery of this game.

Campo de golf en Dubai

Due to the great success of this sport there are more and more the fans visiting this country with the only intention of participating in the championships that are held in place, because the tournaments are held in truly complex fields, which are surrounded by beautiful vegetation. Also the climate of Dubai makes it much more welcoming for tourists that visit these areas.

Formula 1, it is precisely here where one of the most important circuits of the year is performed. This, being one of the most recent for its complexity, is quite attractive for both drivers and fans, so year after year the public that comes to this scenario grows considerably.

No doubt the fun in this place, designed for all tastes, ages and demands, is only required to have a good travel plan and the rest comes on behalf of the city which in itself offers many places to get the total relaxation of tourists. The best thing to know the most popular places in the city is that you can get a local guide who can suggest places to visit so that our stay in the country is the most beneficial as possible.

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