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Dubai Art Exhibitions

Despite that Dubai hasn't yet reached international fame in arts, the efforts of the UAE on promoting art and the fostering of local artistic aptitude has allowed the emergence of excellent artists whose works are displayed in several world-class gallery arts at all emirates.

Moreover, the UAE's cities have benefited from the generosity of rich collectors in their purpose of creating an artistic tradition. Members of the most prominent Emirati families frequently have private collections of significant value.

All of this has contributed to the success of numerous commercial galleries creating a circle of artistic prosperity intended to be one of the most important in the world. The major Dubai's exhibitions are sponsored by the following art centers:

Majlis Art Gallery

Bastakia Quarter Sited in the magnificent Bastakia Quarter, it is one of the most antique commercial art galleries of the region. The principal highlights of the gallery are the fine painting and calligraphy created by local artists, but it is also exhibited old prints, maps, ceramics, glassware, handicrafts and sculpture.

Persian merchants from Bastak (Iran) moved to current Bastakia Quarter in the late 19th century transforming the place in a picturesque heritage of the city. The area provides an atmosphere of past time with its narrow streets and wind-towers. Tel: +971 4 353 6233 ; Website:

Dubai International Art Centre

Dubai Art Centre Created in 1976 as the Dubai Art Society, it was transformed in 1980 into the current Dubai International Art Centre that has become into a prominent in the flourishing local art scene.

As well as the Dubai International Art Centre, the Ra’s al-Khaimah’s Fine Art Association Centre is an active organization that sponsors the artistic talent, but focused on young artists. Tel: +971 4 344 4398 ; Website:

Main Art Galleries and Exhibitions

Art Gallery Description
Green Art Gallery It promotes the ability of the Emirati artists while provides them an insight of international art. Tel: +971 4 344 9888. Website:
XVA Gallery It exhibits an array of contemporary paintings and sculptures for people who share the same passion. Tel: +971 4 3535 383. Website:
4 Walls Art Gallery Its paintings and sculptures are focused on Middle Eastern and international modern art. Tel: +971 4 338 8892. Website:
Courtyard Gallery It provides a great art gallery, artists, exhibitions, art supplies, furniture, and a coffee shop. Tel: +971 4 347 5050. Website:

Other Galleries
The Third Line Gallery, Elementa Gallery, Ras al-Khaimah's Fine Art Association Centre, B21 Gallery and Art Space, Ayyam Gallery, Godolphin Gallery, Shaikh Mohammed Centre, Four Seasons Ramesh Gallery, Burjuman Art Gallery, Bagash Art Gallery, Derby Art Gallery, Event Art Gallery, The Red Gallery, Hunar Gallery, Creations Art Gallery, Al Abbar Art Gallery and Narish Khyma.

Main Exhibitions
Sharjah International Art Biennial (the principal international art event. Tel: +971 6 568 5050. Website:, Gulf Art Fair, Christie's International Art Sale (Feb), The Royal Academicians (Oct), Abdul Latif Al Smoudi (Oct), Mounia Dadi (Sep) and Saud Al Attar (Nov).

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