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Dubai Residence Visa

Residence Visa There are two forms to get residence or employment visa in Dubai: through an employer or by buying a property. In both cases, visitors have to take a medical test and get a health card of the Ministry of Health for a cost around Dhs. 300 (US$ 82) yearly. Individuals that test positive for AIDS will not be allowed to obtain a residence visa.

Residence visa is valid for 3 years and can be renewed at the conclusion of the period. The cost of establishment card insurance is Dhs.75, 000 (US$ 20, 436) in addition to the Dhs. 1,000 (US$ 272) payable for each tourist permit. For employees, just the employer or a company can sponsor the visa.

Normally, employees have to enter to the UAE on a visit visa and then the employers apply for their work visa. Dubaiís companies have a Public Relations Officer who follows up visa applications with the Immigration Department. There are different types of work visas including: Servants, Partners, Investors and Governmental institutions and Ministries.

Duration of a residence visa for employees may vary depending to the employer that has rights to cancel the visa or even ban the worker (for 2 years) from entering Dubai.

Property owners are entitled to apply for Dubai residence visa directly at the Immigration Department.

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