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Dubai Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa This visa is applied to the rest nationalities not included in the 33-country list. Visitors require a UAE sponsor to get the visa. The sponsor is usually provided by:
  • A travel agent, a tourist company or a major hotel. The procedure just involves an opportune reservation. Companies receive a copy of the passport, the motive for the visit and the arrival date; and then send a copy of the visa to the visitors. Airlines may require the copy of the visa before check-in at the airport. The original is held at Dubai Airport for collection previous to passport control.

  • A direct family member including spouse, parents, children and siblings with a valid residence visa. The direct relative must have monthly earnings of Dhs. 4000 (US$ 1090) or above. Distant relatives can only be sponsored after obtaining approval from the Secretary of the Ministry of Interior. Friends can only be sponsored by Emiratis and also have to earn Dhs. 4000 monthly at least.
A tourist visa is valid for one month at a cost of Dhs. 100 (US$ 28) removable for 30 additional days for a payment of 620 Dhs. (US$ 169). Companies charge a fee between Dhs. 10-50 for visa delivery service. Some establishment offer mission visas that are very similar to tourist visas.

Visitors that donít get a sponsor have few alternate options including:
  • Fly with Emirates Airlines and then apply for the visa in its offices.

  • Contact the Dubai Visa Processing Centres (DVPC) or UAE consulates and embassies established in some countries.

  • Travel during major festival periods like Dubai Shopping Festival.
A visit visa doesnít allow visitors to work in the UAE, except for AGCC expatriate residents who meet some conditions. AGCC visitors who are businessmen, company managers or representatives, auditors, accountants, doctors, engineers or employees working in the public sector, their family members and servants sponsored by them are eligible for the visa. Employees from the labor and servant categories are not eligible for this type of visa.

Officials will not grant visit visas to those who reapply immediately after leaving.

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