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Gastronomy of Dubai

In Dubai, visitors can enjoy the wide choice of international gastronomy offered; from American to European and Indian to Asian. As well as the culture of the emirate, Dubai's cuisine is also cosmopolitan. So, the city is far more a melting pot of diverse cultures and their recipes than a place to try traditional cookery.

Visitors can savor delectable worldwide food in hotels and elegant restaurants, including the best French, Italian, Mediterranean, British, German and Swiss cooking. Asian locations offer fine Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Filipino and Malaysian dishes. There are also American and even Mexican culinary available.

However, the most popular cuisine among residents is the Arabic food of the Middle East, specially the Lebanese, Iranian and Syrian gastronomy. There are also excellent Persian, Turkish, Moroccan, Indian, Pakistani and Filipino restaurants that complement the local preferences. With so many restaurants, so many different foods, so many new spices and flavors, we have to control fat intake, especially if you do not want to go home overweight. Calculate your body fat with this online body fat calculator allow you to know your body fat index by your height and weight.

The traditional Bedouin diet generally comprises fresh fish, dried fish, dates, camel meat and camel milk. Lebanese delicacies are habitually served with Arabic bread, fresh salad and pickles. Spicy rice dishes are the principal attraction of Iranian cookery, served with lettuce, tomato, onion, cabbage and yogurt.

In Dubai there are various food shows and festivals displayed during all the year together with competitions and conventions that have provided a boost for the gastronomic industry. Currently, there are more culinary schools revealing the secrets of the antique Arabic food.

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Note that

  • Most of the local cuisine combines ingredients imported from Asia, including cinnamon, almonds, saffron, pistachios, turmeric, limes and dried fruit.

  • Pork is hard to come by in Dubai and very expensive due to the taboo in Muslim culture. It is sold in detached areas at markets, while in restaurants; it is placed in separate fridges and prepared with separate utensils.

  • As well as pork, alcohol is also prohibited by the Islamic culture. It is only served at high price in hotel restaurants and bars of the city that are provided with an especial license. Exemptions are some clubs and associations.

Cooking schools

Cooking schools in Dubai

Research and compare cooking school locations, culinary degrees offered, cost, facilities, class size, and reputation to find the one that will help get your career. Almost all cooking schools are accredited throughout the world and will train you to be the head chef of your own fabulous restaurant.

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