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Dubai Travel Guide

History of Dubai

The Old Town
Although historical documentation of Dubai is limited, recent archaeological discoveries have proved that the region was inhabited at least since 3,000 BC by nomads who bred sheep, goats and cattle, and complemented their diet with fish. Agriculture started 5 centuries later with the cultivation of the date palm...

The Al Maktoum Dynasty
According to the records, Dubai was born as a city in 1799. In the early 19th century, the Al Abu Falasa dynasty of Bani Yas clan took the creek, and converted it into an area dependent of the settlement of Abu Dhabi until 1833; when the Al Maktoum dynasty departed from Liwa Oasis and captured Dubai...

The Oil and the United Arab Emirates
By the end of the 1920s, the pearling industry collapsed by the appearance of artificial pearls, added to the Great Depression; threatened the prosperity of Dubai, which suffered a mass migration. But, the economy had been diversified boosting its distinctiveness as a regional hub and attracting foreign organizations...

The Superb Metropolis
The Persian Gulf War of 1990s had a severe impact on Dubaiís economy, unleashing a crisis. Banks experienced a withdrawal of funds due to uncertain political situation. However, after the war, more foreign businesses returned to the city aided by the increases in oil prices, starting the prosperity that Dubai lives up today....

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