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Other Dishes in Dubai

Dish Description
Pita Bread This unleavened bread is the most important food in the emirate's people diet utilized in many dishes. Naan (the Iranian bread) is also very popular and Lavash (a thin-square shaped with slight elasticity) is its most famous variation.
Ghuzi Or Khuzi. It is a traditional Bedouin plate. Stuffed whole roast lamb on a bed of spiced rice, habitually combined with nuts.
Mehalabiya Or Mahalabiya. It is a pudding sprinkled with pistachios and sometimes rosewater.
Matchbous Or Makbus. It is a favorite in the emirates and consists on a casserole of meat, habitually spiced lamb, or fish with rice.
Ful Medames Egyptian breakfast. A bean dish in a tomato sauce on which is sprinkled chopped onion, egg and other condiments, served with yoghurt and pita bread.
Dubai's seafood Includes hamur (grouper), chanad (mackerel) and beyah (mullet) among others, that are commonly cooked with charcoal grilled.
Hareis A tasty delicacy of slow-cooked wheat and tender lamb.
Esh Asaraya A sweet type of cheesecake with a cream covering.
Biryani Meat or fish prepared with Indian-style spiced rice.
Shurba Addis A popular lentil soup.
Fattayer Hot fried bread stuffed with mild cheese, spinach and onions.

Dubai Recipes
Shawarma Falafel
Hummus Tabbouleh
Koussa Mahshi Kibbe
Baba Ganoush Warak Enab
Umm Ali

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