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Dubai Travel Guide

Shopping in Dubai

In Dubai, shopping is one of the major activities. The city has become prominent for its active commerce and is called the shopping capital of the Middle East. The enormous quantities of cargo passing through its port and the reduced charges guarantee that practically everything is obtainable at competitive rates.

There are countless traditional souks, boutiques and colossal malls all over the city overflowing with an incredible variety of products. In Dubai, nearly all things that people may imagine are available for a negotiable price.

Dubai's malls are opulent, air-conditioned and frequently feature architectural beauties such as fountains, marble floors, large leisure areas and several eateries. The souks, old Arabic market places, are probably the best way to understand the trading-culture of the region.

With so many shopping malls and souks Dubai is a shopper's paradise. Vehicles, haute couture clothing, jewelry, furnishing, sporting equipment and electronics will likely all be under the same roof. Furthermore, there are various annual festivals in the city, when people can buy the latest fashion and technology, including the world-famous Dubai Shopping Festival.

Dubai Souks
These traditional Arabian markets are the places where any type of goods are available for buying and selling. They originated various centuries ago, when dhows from India, China and Ceylon arrived at the strategic Dubai's port for discharge their cargos...

Dubai Shopping Malls
In Dubai, more and more shopping malls are constructed and as soon as a new one is opened, it seems to fill up very rapidly. Currently, there are around 35 giant malls, with about 3,500 shops, covering an area of 14 million sq m (151 million sq ft)...

Dubai Shopping Festival
Started on February 1996 with the aim of invigorate the trade of the city and promote Dubai as a tourist destination, Dubai Shopping Festival called "Layali Dubai" in Arabic, has become the most important international shopping event in the Middle East...

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