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Dubai Souk These traditional Arabian markets are the places where any type of goods are available for buying and selling. They originated various centuries ago, when dhows from India, China and Ceylon arrived at the strategic Dubai's port for discharge their cargos.

The souks appeared on both sides of Dubai Creek becoming the most authentic sites to go for shopping and today they are considered among the principal attractions of the city.

Remember that the stores in the souks are situated on open-air pathways without air-conditioning. So, tourists should try to visit the markets in the evenings and cooler months. Moreover, due to souks preserve traditional customs, modest dress should be worn to avoid causing offense.

Main Souks

Souk Description
Spice Souk The narrow lines of Al Ras St, (where this souk is sited) house the scents of the past. Its lines are plenty of incense, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, dried fruit, nuts, rose petals and antique medical species. Brought from all over Asia, the colorful products are sold straight out of open sacks.
Gold Souk The fine hand-crafted gold is sold at the maze narrow lines of Sikkat Al Khali (Deira) in huge quantities. The majority of the gold is 22ct quality and dazzled visitors can choose among earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and even self-design jewelry. The glittering gold items are displayed in every shop-window and sold by weight added to the workmanship charge.
Textile Souk Situated in Bur Dubai, it is a large and exquisite textile bazaar with numerous stalls offering countless types of fabrics in a wide range of colors, textures and weaves from the region, India and the Far East. The shop-windows exhibit raw silks, cottons and satins with elaborated embroidery. In this souk there are also notable on-site tailors.
Perfume Souk Located next to the Gold Souk, this place hosts thousands of aromas. There are even shopkeepers who can conjure up personalized concoction. But Arabic perfumes are different to occidental fragrances due to they are oil based with a stronger and spicy taste.
Fish Souk The local fishermen bring lots of fresh fish, which is then offered in this souk, sited at Deira. Many kinds of fishes are available including the kingfish, barracuda, red snapper, rock cod (hammour), crab, tuna, lobster, squid, king prawn, mackerel, sea bream, shark, sardine. The souk is specially picturesque early in the morning and late at nights.
Souk Madinat Jumeirah This relatively recent and colorful soak has become a favorite among tourists and local residents. Inspired by old Arabic markets, itís a large area of kiosks, boutiques, restaurants and cafes; all of them, with very high quality. Souk Madinat also provides a series of amazing interactive experiences.

Other Interesting Souks
Electronics Souk (Al-Sabkha Rd), Deira Covered Souk (Al-Sabkha Rd), Satwa Souk ( Satwa), Food Souk (Deira), Karama Souk (Karama), Souk Al Bahar, Khan Murjan, Meena Bazaar, Al Jaber Gallery and Al Fahidi St.

Shopping in Dubai

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