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Dubai Travel Guide

Getting Around Dubai by Taxi

by Taxi Local taxi services are the most common way of transport for visitors in Dubai, and habitually the most convenient. Most companies, that belong to the Dubai Transport Corporation, offer metered taxis with a pickup fee and per kilometer rates. Distinguished by their cream color and uniformed drivers, they operate on a 24-hour and provide a comfortable service that includes air-conditioned.

The fare for pick-up is Dhs. 3 (US$ 0.80) during the day and Dhs. 3.50 (US$ 1) from 10.00pm to 6.00am, plus the distance tariff of Dhs. 1.17 (US$ 0.30) per km. For pre-booked service the cost augments in Dhs. 1 and from the airport it augments in Dhs. 12.

Taxi Contacts
Dubai Transport : +971 4 208 0808
National Taxi : +971 4 339 0002
Metro Taxi : +971 4 267 3222
Cars Taxi : +971 4 800 4825
Emirates Taxi : +971 4 339 4455
Dubai Transp. Corporation : +971 4 264 1111

As an alternative, there are non-metered taxis with a negotiable rate that is generally cheaper. The fee is about Dhs. 5 (US$ 1.40) for short trips and Dhs.10Ė15 (US$ 2.70-4) for longer trips within the city. It is also possible to hire a taxi for 12 hours, for a fixed payment of Dhs. 500 (US$ 136).

In general, taxis are plentiful in the city and can be hailed on the street or pre-booked by telephone, in some minutes. However, sometimes demand exceeds supply and may be quite hard to get a taxi, particularly around Dubai Creek.

Note that

  • Fixed costs are used to trips outside the city boundaries. Dubai Transport Corporation operates a minibus service to/from the UAE's towns.

  • The majority of hotels operate their own transport for their guests as an additional service. There are also available other private taxis for a non-cheap extra charge.

  • Taxi drivers are habitually familiar with the principal souks, shopping centers, hotels and major attractions, and donít expect tips.

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