Dubai travel guide



Dubai Travel Guide

Weather in Dubai

Located on a coastal strip surrounded by desert, Dubai is mostly of the year very hot. It has an arid subtropical climate with sunny days and blue skies all the year (precipitations are just occasional).

The weather is extremely hot and humid in Summer (on the months between June and September) with temperatures reaching 48C (118F). Even the sea temperature can get up to 35C (95F) during these months. From the end of September to May, the temperature is cooler with an average of 20C (68F).

In recent years there have been low temperatures during nights. In Winter (on the months between December and March) the temperature at late evenings may drop to 10C (50F). These period also produces the highest rainfall of the year, amounts to just 13 cm (5 in). In the rest of the year precipitations are very infrequent or non-existent.

When to Go

The best time to visit Dubai is between November to April when the weather is cool and comfortable. There are many hours of pleasant sunshine with low humidity. The nights are ideal to enjoy a spot of outside dining.

The rest of the year, travelers can enjoy reduced prices on all sorts of things, including hotels and services. Remember also that all places, including shopping malls and offices are provided with excellent air conditioning on the inside.

Annual average temperature of Dubai:

Dubai Temperature

Annual average rainfall of Dubai:

Dubai Rainfall


  • The heat is not a justification to walk around in a state of undress. Dubai may be a tolerant place compared to the rest of the Emirates, but visitors should still dress fairly moderately.

  • Visitors should utilize sunscreen, drink plenty of water and do wear a hat in order to avoid heatstroke and sunburn, especially when they are not used to high temperatures and high humidity.

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