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Education in Dubai There are many factors that an individual has to consider in order to find a university that approximates its ultimate necessity of becoming an erudite. University degrees do not only translate into well-paying jobs but they also mean that you will be portrayed as a cultured and educated person.

A degree is also synonym of how and to what extent you have mastered the courses you have taken. Grades are, of course, the biggest indicators. But the university courses you take are important, too. (Have you ever heard of a literature student get a degree without taking a Shakespeare course? No.) This means that some universities do have a good program in the degree you want to get, and some do not. Let’s make it clear: for you to be educated enough you’d have to cover almost every aspect of what you´re entitled to learn.  But not every aspect: that’s why MBAs and PHDs exist! A MBA or PHD in business school, for example, is an extension of what you’d eventually aspire to study.

Anyway, it would be a bit irresponsible to apply to a university without having made the proper research.

The university rankings  do display or at least give you an idea of how good a university is. Since a university is something close to an entity composed by deans, teachers and students, the rankings are based on a general consensus among the people who make this environment workable. Teachers cannot exercise their profession without their students, and vice versa. And universities would not exist without them, either. This means that the rankings are based on surveys, statistics, and a constant evaluation of the environment itself as well.

Location is another factor. It is not the most elemental one, but it is definitely something to consider. Maybe you feel comfortable living close to home, or maybe you do not want to pay rent and living at home can help you save some money. Maybe you can’t imagine yourself having to cleaning your car every time it snows, or maybe you cannot stand dry heat. Just try to locate a place where the weather is not a problem for you. There are also on-line courses if you do not have the time to drive back and forth or you´d like to study late. You would definitely save money on gas, and you would get a better organization of your time since you wouldn’t have to follow a strict schedule in order to learn.

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