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Employment in Dubai

Employment in Dubai Despite of the financial crisis of 2007, Dubai has been steadily improving so far, attracting overseas workers and investors. Today, foreigners work and live in Dubai with their children and families. Most of them are immigrants with lower professional education, thus they are mainly designated to the construction sector.

Here you need professional qualifications and previous experiences to stand out from many other candidates. More and more expats visit Dubai for temporary or permanent positions, moreover in the region has been a massive increase in the number of employment agencies.

Furthermore, employment agencies in Dubai provide job offers in different market sectors such as financial, hospitality, technology, tourism, IT, healthcare, and so on. If you want to apply for a job and be considered for a job interview, then you need to prepare both, a good resume and a cover letter. Remember to impress employers with your presentation.

Take into account some important tips that will help you during the interview; you should be five or ten minutes early and never be late, your interviewers donít have any time to waste so it will turn into a bad thing if youíre not on time; dress up properly, wear formal colors such as black, gray, brown, white or blue, donít wear much jewelry or perfume; speak loud and clear, try to pronounce each word correctly and avoid speaking either too fast or too slowly.

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