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Dubai Travel Guide

Arriving Dubai by Sea

Dubai Ferry Dubai is a trading focus for dhows (Arab sailing ships) in the region of the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. But travel in boats is not recommended for tourists, because ships are intended almost exclusively for cargo transportation and schedules are not regular. Frequently, travelers wanting to go Dubai require making their own arrangements with the captain of the vessel.

Travelers need a valid 3-month visa to access any ferry service. People that leave the UAE by boat have to pay a port tax of Dhs. 20 (US$ 6).

The principal port of Dubai is the Port Rashid that receives passenger boats from Bandar-e-Lengeh (Iran) three times a week week and from Bushehr (Iran) twice a month. The travel lasts 6 hours and costs around US$ 88 (the ticket usually includes lunch).

There are also two larger ports near to the city. One in Sharjah (20-minute drive from Dubai), connecting the UAE with the port of Bandaré Abbas (Iran). Ferries make this trip daily in roughly 12 hours.

The other terminal is Jebel Ali Port located 30km (18.5 mi) from Dubai (25-minute drive). Ferries arrive to this port from Umm Qasr (Iraq) once a week. Jebel Ali is the world’s biggest man-made port with more than 120 shipping lines and 100 berths. However, currently passenger services are limited.

Opened in 2001 at Port Rashid in 2001, The Dubai Cruise Terminal has been increasing its operations and services every year. Facilities at the terminal include reception check-in, an information centre, VIP lounge, a leisure area, a cafe, a big-screen entertainment centre, duty-free shops, exhibits and an Arabian palm garden.

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