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Insurance in Dubai

Insurance in Dubai An insurance is a best way to protect your family. When you hire any kinds of insurances, it is important that you obtain all information about advantages and disavantages about each type of insurance and choose the best option for you. The market of insurance in Dubai offers you different types of insurance. Some of them are the most important as home, life, health, car and travel insurance.

Insurance companies offer different policies but choosing the right policy is even more important; it must fit your needs and your budget.

Home Insurance

You know that having a house represents the hard work that it took to make a very large investment; it is also the place where you find peace and harmony. To protect your property and belongings from any unforeseen event as fire, theft and natural disasters, it is recommended to purchase a home insurance.

You can choose between different types of insurances:
  • Basic insurance policy covers your home from risks such as: lightning, theft, fire, smoke, storm and explosion.
  • Multi cover policy includes coverage of accidental damage for both house and house contents.
  • Comprehensive insurance for the contents, it is the most convenient for people who live in rented apartments.
There are some insurance companies that establish policies according to your needs; they can cover as much or as little as you need.

Car Insurance

According to the law in Dubai, each vehicle must be insured; it is a legislated pre-requisite for driving in the city. Car insurance covers damages caused to your own car by yourself, as well as injury, property damage, fire and theft.

It is recommended to research about car insurance companies and choose the most appropriate for your needs. Remember, by buying car insurance you are getting financial protection.

Health insurance

Having a health insurance in Dubai is obligatory; employers have the obligation to provide a health insurance to their employees. The public healthcare is in charge of the Department of Health and Medical Services that provides free medical services for very low costs for UAE residents. The main objetive is to improve the wellbeing of the people.

There are private health or medical insurance plans that cover all unanticipated diseases. Coverage depends on the type of health insurance; it usually provides inmediate financial assistance for:
  • Death.
  • Permanent total disability.
  • Permanent partial disability.
  • Temporary total disability.
  • Accidental medical  expenses.
  • Repatriation expenses.

Life Insurance

If you have a family, the best decision that you can take is to acquire a life insurance that is an important way to provide financial protection for your family and loved ones to manage expenses in a time of loss or something unforeseen.

Although the life insurance market in Dubai is still small, every day more and more Arab people are accepting this kind of insurance. The insured's family receives compensation from an insurance fund if the insured passes away.
You can choose from a term life insurance to retirement plans.

Travel insurance

Every day, most people travel to Dubai for pleasure or business. The main purpose of travel insurance is to take care of medical emergencies, in case something bad happens. It is important that you know in detail the kind of policies that travel insurance covers.

There are different insurance policies:
  • Health insurance.
  • Accident insurance.
  • Lost luggage or theft insurance.
  • Trip interruption and cancellation insurance.
Insurances companies in Dubai also offer yacht insurance, general insurance, transportation risk insurance, motor insurance, fire insurance, engineering insurance, marine insurance, credit and saving insurance.

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