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MBA Programs in Dubai

MBA Programs in Dubai Dubai is a favorite destination for many people; its spectacular buildings, the modern urbanism and the best worldwide universities convert this city in the most visited metropolis in the United Emirates Arab. Foreign Students who want to study an MBA courses consider Dubai as the best city to pursue a career because many big corporations offer job vacancies periodically in this city.

The economy development of Dubai grew up very fast during the last decade, thanks to the international investment and the oil industry; for this reason, Dubai is now an important city in the world economy.

The best education in Dubai

As any other developed city in the world, the University education in Dubai is so demanding, because the most important Universities and colleges are linked abroad; Moreover, international business schools such as the London business school and the Boston University business school have campuses in the International Academic City.

As a prosperous country, Dubai has developed an excellent and solid education system. In fact in 2006 the central government of the United Arab Emirates established “The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA)” in order to improve the education in all the cities, especially in Dubai because is the principal financial center in this part of Asia. In addition, the education is totally free for the citizens. However, there are public and private schools in the entire city.

As a second accomplishment, the central government established in Dubai the “Knowledge Village in the 2003 as a part of an economic strategy to develop the human resource; in this way, many local and international universities and business schools are located in this village nowadays.

Here is a list of the best universities in Dubai; each University in this list has a worldwide prestige.
  • Al Ghurair University
  • The American College of Dubai
  • British University in Dubai
  • Mahatma Gandhi University Dubai
Dubai is considered the financial center of the UEA and many international companies and corporations are hiring efficient professionals to work in the business and management field; thus, plenty of business schools provide efficient MBA courses abroad in many different languages.

This kind of higher education is pretty important in Dubai because the labor market in this part of the world is strongly competitive. In this manner Dubai has an excellent MBA education with competent mba programs.

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