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Schools in Dubai

The education system in Dubai encompasses several years of primary, secondary and higher education, and like all education systems worldwide, there are public and private schools in Dubai.

Public schools are free for Emiratis; they are also mandatory for all children and teenagers between 5 and 15 years. Arabic  is the principal language in these schools but English is used as a second language. Once students have finished their secondary education, they get a Secondary School Leaving Certificate or Technical Secondary Diploma.

Most private schools offer classes in English, but this depends on the kind of education that students (or their parents) have chosen. E.g. American or British education. In the last years, many accredited universities have been set up in Dubai; most of these have been located in the Dubai International Academic City, which is an area for higher education institutions.

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Law schools  

Law schools in Dubai

People who want to study in law schools should know about accounting, economics, history, politics, religion, philosophy and public speaking. There are several fields of study where you can obtain a specialization. The most popular law fields are: criminal, labor, family, business and constitutional.

Flight schools  

Flight schools in Dubai

Many Airlines offer employment opportunities for a commercial pilot. If you want to become one,
Flight schools may be the right option for you, but if you want to fly for fun, you should choose a Flight Academy. The length of the programs depends on which one you choose. Some basic programs take only some weeks.

Pilot schools  

Pilot schools in Dubai

The mission of a Pilot school is to provide qualified and prudent pilots. Most schools offer practical courses in a real aircraft or by using a simulation system. It is important to verify if the Pilot Schools have accredited and experienced instructors. Also, check the reputation of the school.

Technical   schools  

Technical schools in Dubai

There are various available employments where the only requirement is to obtain a specific knowledge. It is a good idea to study in a technical school. Some classes that are taught in Schools have very flexible studies. That benefits people who, at the same time, are working or studying another career.

Boarding   schools  

Boarding schools in Dubai

A Boarding school combines the quality education with the way of living in a safe environment with peers and teachers. These schools can allow only boys, only girls or a mixture of both genders.

There are many types of boarding schools such as: therapeutic boarding schools, military boarding schools, religious boarding schools, etc.

Trade schools  

Trade schools in Dubai

If you are interested in obtaining a degree that will help you to get an employment in a demanding industry, you should choose a career from a trade school. The education in Trade Schools consists of teaching a specific skill and directs all its efforts in the practice of such skill. There are many programs that are taught in trade schools such as: accounting, business, culinary, medical, engineering, legal, cosmetology and many others.

Massage   schools  

Massage schools in Dubai

A successful massage therapist must have two distinct and important abilities: massage skills and business skills. The massage techniques and the aspects of healthcare could be learned in Massage schools, and each therapist will develop their business abilities as soon as he/she acquires a lot of practice and experience.

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