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Located to 18 km (11 mi) to the northeast of Dubai, it is the third biggest city (just after Abu Dhabi and Dubai) of the United Arab Emirates with a population of 800,000 inhabitants in an area of 235 sq km. It is also the seat of government of the emirate of the same name, with the Sultan’s palace situated to 20 km southeast of the city.

Due to the cost of living is less expensive in Sharjah, many people prefer living in this city and work in Dubai (where are the best jobs). The distance from/to Dubai is about 15 minutes drive, but in the rush hours (at lunchtime or between 5pm and 7pm) it may take more than an hour.

But Sharjah is more than a dormitory city. The emirate has been extracting oil for 50 years which has helped to transform the city into an administrative and commercial hub along with a rich cultural heritage combined with impressive modern projects, visible in its stunning ports.

In recent years, Sharjah has focused in develop art museums and cultural/ educational centers. The “Heritage Area” of the city features buildings created with traditional materials and designs. This zone includes the Islamic Museum which hosts coins, handwritten Korans and other Arabic relics; and the Archaeological Museum, which documents the diverse periods of the emirate's history.

The city also houses two superb souks, various stylish mosques and pretty public parks like the Al Jazeirah Fun Park and the Al Buheirah Corniche. For these reasons Sharjah is called the “Cultural Capital of the UAE”.

Other attractions of the city are The Expo Centre of Sharjah, where takes place the most important annual book fair of the region, and the Sharjah Desert Park that contains the Children's Farm, the Arabia's Wildlife Centre and the Natural History Museum.

Note that

  • Sharjah is a very conservative emirate, completely different to the liberal Dubai. Alcohol is prohibited and there are strict laws for the form of dressing and the relations between the sexes. Short skirts, stretched clothing and unmarried couples sharing a room are not allowed.

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