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Ski Dubai Snow Park

It is the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East and the third biggest of the world, occupying an area of 22.5 sq km covered with real snow (6000 tons) all the year. The Snow Park offers a range of snow setting to practice skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing or simply playing in the snow. The resort is part of the Mall of the Emirates, which belongs to the Majid Al Futtaim Group of Companies.

Until its construction, Dubai just had been a destination for warm beach holidays, but today the ski slope has become a very popular place, particularly during the harsh summer when temperatures soar to 45°C (113°F).

Ski Dubai has 5 different runs varying in difficulty, height and steepness. The longest run has 400 m with a fall of 60 m, making it the first indoor black run in the world. People can enjoy the series of slopes and can practice stunts on the 90-m long quarter pipe, too. For children, the interactive Snow Park is an excellent place to have a good time. The capacity of the complex is 1,500 people.

The snow of the Park is made by shooting water at elevated pressure into an atmosphere maintained constantly at roughly freezing point (-1ºC to -2ºC) by coolers both below and above the slopes. There is a complex system also that allows carrying immediately skitters and snowboards to the top, after every slope.

Some cafes, restaurants, retail shops, changing areas and children' playrooms are available in the Park, like the St Moritz Café at the entrance, the Avalanche Café at mid-station (with sights of the slope), and the fashionable retail shop, Snow Pro, that has qualified staff to advise visitors on the equipment and skilled instructors.

Opening Hours and Prices

The resort is open on all days of the week. From Saturdays to Tuesdays, the Snow Park is available from 10 am to 11 pm, and from Wednesday to Friday until 12 pm.

Winter clothing and necessary equipment are provided in the entrance fee of 230 Dhs. (US$ 63) per adult and 180 Dhs. (US$ 49) per child; including jackets, snowboard, skis, trousers, ski boots and knee-length padded coats for Arabs (skiing in the robes is prohibited).

Find more information in the Website of Ski Dubai Snow Park:

Note that

  • Scheduled to be inaugurated in 2009, Dubai Sunny Mountain Ski Dome at Dubailand will be the second indoors Snow Park of the city. The attractions of this resort will include a revolving ski slope, an artificial mountain range, an ice bridge, a cable lift, a snow maze, an ice slide, polar bears chilly water-aquaria, and special light and sound effects.

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