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Sports in Dubai

Sports in Dubai Have you in mind the things you are going to do in the beautiful Dubai? Have you considered doing sports in Dubai as some of them? If you donít, we invite you to read some detailed information about some sports you can practice in this magic city.

Each year, the number of visitors involved in sports activities is increasing in Dubai that is why here, we give you information about golf, ski resorts, marinas and scuba diving. We also talk about some popular and traditional sports in the city such as the camel racing and the horse racing.

If you go to practice any of these sports is important to know what your actual health status and how many calories you consume per day. What is my BMR is a question that few people have answer. If you know your basal metabolic range you can choose the sport that best adapts to you.



Most golf courses are located in Middle East, Dubai. This city is a great golf destination. It has beautiful sceneries and extraordinary club designs. The most recognized golf event is the Desert Classic tournament. Some of the most important golf clubs of Dubai are:
  • Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club.
  • Emirates Golf Club.
  • Nad Al Sheba Club.
  • The Al Badia Golf Resort.
  • The Montgomerie Dubai.
  • The Desert Course at Arabian Ranches.
  • Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa.

Golf in Dubai
Golf enthusiasts can find open clubs throughout the year. Golf in this city, follows the American style. The golf centers have motorized carts, beverage carts, halfway houses with comfortable rooms, shops, restaurants, bars, gymnasiums, swimming pools, etc

If you want to take golf lessons in Dubai, there are golf schools †that offer private and group lessons. Private classes usually last 30 minutes to an hour. It is really a good idea to attend some of the golf schools to learn golf in a short time.

Ski resorts

Ski Resorts in Dubai Dubai has one of the largest and comfortable ski resorts in the world. This resort is proof that winter activities are not a privilege of the Nordic Countries.

This sports complex was built in a shopping center and it is called Ski Dubai Snow Park. It offers the public an entertainment center that recreates the winter during the entire year. In this place anyone can go snowboarding, skiing and do many other winter activities. This center is suitable for conducting ski lessons where students can acquire enough experience to play the sport in natural settings.


Marinas in Dubai The coasts of Dubai are often visited by many tourists who wish to enjoy a pleasant climate in the beautiful turquoise waters that contrast with the soft white sand. One of the most popular is the Jumeirah Beach, where you can find the most private clubs and marinas.

The shores of this beach are surrounded by the most luxurious boats that you can imagine. They all belong to celebrities and distinguished people who visit the coast. There are also exclusive clubs that open their doors to visitors and offer an infinite variety of activities inside and outside their facilities. You can navigate in comfortable boats.

Scuba diving

You can enjoy the warm sun while youíre on the sea. The sea hides a surprising diversity of marine species.

For the adventurous and nature lovers, there are options where they can participate in diving excursions, in case you have the necessary equipment at your disposal. If you would like to practice scuba diving but havenít learned it yet, you should look for diving schools which offer courses with specialist tutors in the area.

Either way, be it a walk on the beach or a trip to the deep sea, every time that you visit the beaches of Dubai, you will end up being awed by its beauty and friendly people.

Camel racing and horse racing

If you also enjoy being a spectator of competitions, in the major tourist destination of UAE as Dubai, you will enjoy watching traditional races:

The camel racing is an event that travelers canít miss in their visit to this city. It takes place twice a week during winter months. This traditional sporting event forms part of the culture of Dubai. In this case, a child is the jockey, reducing this way the weight on the camel. A great amount of money is offered to buy the camel that wins the race.

One of the main sporting events in the city, is the Dubai world cup horse racing. The prize for spectators is really expensive, but it also attracts horse racing lovers from over the world. The world's best and jockeys trainers participate in such as great event. If you travel to the city in March you can enjoy of this unique event.

As you can see, it is for sure you will enjoy of sports in Dubai!

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