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Translations in Dubai One of the requirements to be a good translator is to have an advanced knowledge of the language (this is, without a doubt, the primary one). And it would be ideal to have some complementary studies (say, history, biology, math, art history, music, etc.) Some people fail to realize that translation is not the mere translation of words. That perception does not even come close to what translation is actually supposed to be (and not be!)

Free translation services

There are other things that must be noted. Every translator must know that every author has his own voice. To put in other words, every author has a particular form of writing. Sometimes they even alter the actual order of his sentences: some authors do that in purpose; so donít be so hasty to assume that theyíre ignorant. When they do this, itís usually to point out the language of a determined region.† To be a really good free translation service, itís important that you remain honest about the specifications and implications of the text youíve been designated to translate.

Professional translation

When you have been doing professional translation for a long time, you realize that if you change a word for another that does not really fit, you may get into trouble. You could even alter an entire story or give the wrong impression about a character. If that character has the most sarcastic humor in the world, somehow you will manage to find a way where the characterís most elemental form of being remains truthful. That can only be obtained through experience. A conversation with the author himself would be ideal, too.

Arabic translation has started to take a major importance among diverse countries.† Not everybody wants to learn Arabic, and thatís why there are many positions available for Arabic translators. Its growing importance is related to the global trade. As a language, it may be harder to learn for a Spanish or English native speaker; yet, it demands a lot of dedication as any other language does.

You may want to learn how to translate Arabic. You may work independently, or join a company that is in a search for new translators. You may even work in an Arabic speaking country, providing that they require someone that speaks your native tongue. And if it is too hard, or you donít know how to find a translation job, you can join an agency- they will contact some clients that are willing to hire you.

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